Recently I spent a week visiting New York with a few friends. My Fujifilm X100f came with me of course. Regrettably, I sold the camera a few weeks later to make way for a new fancy lens for my wedding photography work

      So in memory of that amazing little camera, I wanted to share what myself and the wee X100f got up to in New York. Amazing city, didn’t spend enough time there, so I’ll definitely be back someday soon. I would love to hear your thoughts on the camera, New York and the combination of the two! Also featured are a few shots from Providence & Boston. You can find more of my street photography work here.









      Wow, some really terrific shots here. Totally enjoyed seeing them – but it’s a lot for one scroll through in one go. I was in NYC for the first time last year and took a lot of shots but have struggled to make a set, or series of blog posts. One exception, the Ferry ride to Sataen Island which I was able to break up into a single story. Love your Ferry shots – so strong. Great to see your eye on NY. Inspiring. Thanks, Kent.

      Thanks a mill, yea probably too many for one series. Curation is not my strong point but thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

      Hi Ryan, disappointed to see so few shots 🙂 Just kidding. Amazing pictures.

      These shots are just amazing Sir! You handle the x100f very well. Love your eye…

      Thank you so much, appreciate the comment!

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