An engagement shoot is not just another way for us photographers to make an extra few quid. I mean, that is nice & all but there is real value in it for couples. So I made a wee list of reasons why it might be something worth considering if you are planning a wedding. Check it out.

1. Get used to being in front of camera

Terrified of being in front of the camera for an entire day? Not sure what to expect? That’s most people. An engagement shoot will prepare you & your partner to be comfortable in front of camera on your wedding day like nothing else. I don’t care how many blogs & magazines you read about what you should do (like this one), doing it for real is the best preparation. It might feel a little awkward at first but ultimately, you’ll have fun & have some amazing photos to show for it.

2. Get to know your photographer

You will spend more time around your photographer on your wedding day than with anyone else (apart from your partner of course). So it makes sense that your wedding day will be so much more relaxed if you’ve already had a chance to work with the photographer you’ve hired. Often I find I have a lot in common with my couples during engagement shoots, & we always strike up a good relationship, this is invaluable when it comes to your wedding. It means that you know who you’re dealing with & it’s not just some stranger your spending most of your day around.

3. Invitations & signing frame

Sending out invitations is easier when you have some awesome couple photos to show off with. You can also get a photo printed & framed so that your guests can sign it on your wedding day, not an original idea but it always works well & its an amazing keepsake that you can have for the rest of your life.

4. Weddings are unpredictable.

Wedding days are quite unpredictable. You can plan everything down to the fine details, but the reality is that there are a few things that are just out of your control. So getting those amazing location photos can sometimes be difficult, depending on the day. Often the weather doesn’t play along with your plans, especially here in Ireland. An engagement shoot can be arranged to incorporate the best weather and light in practically any location that you desire. It’s not just about the weather either. Often the best outdoor locations take a bit effort to get to. Hiking through mountains, forests & beaches are not ideal activities for a wedding day so take back the control with an engagement shoot!

5. You’re in love, celebrate it!

Last but not least. Celebrate the love! Most people only do this whole thing once, so why not squeeze as much out of it as possible?

Oh & heres the proof that it works. The couples that I’ve worked with loved the experience & love their photos.

Engagement shoot at sunset

“Thanks a million for sending on the photos and so quickly! We’re delighted with them!….we’re very excited for our wedding photos now! (and much more relaxed too!)”
Engagement shoot at Glendalough
“They are stunning, thank you so much we don’t have many nice ones together that aren’t drunken selfies 😂”
Couple Shoot in the Wicklow Mountains
“Ryan did a couple shoot for us in Wicklow Mountains, it was such a fun afternoon and he made us feel 100% at ease in front of the camera. We are amazed with every single photo he shared and will treasure these images forever. Thank you Ryan for being such a lovely person and an incredible photographer!”
Engagement Shoot at the Raven, Wexford
“We’re so impressed with your work and really loved working with you, so thank you again for taking the time to take these photos with us! These photos really are incredible!”

I’m loving this current engagement shoot season, I have loads more to shoot in the coming weeks & cant wait to share more. I hope you’ve found some value in this blog post, let me know in the comment sections or get in in touch through my contact page.

All the best, Ryan.

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